Shrink Film & Machine

“Shrink Film”

Shrink Film with high clarity makes the product more attractive, and gives good protection. It protects products from dust, moisture and odours without compromising with the looks of the products. It is suitable for long shelf life, consumer goods and frozen products also. The standard form is one side slit (centre-folded) with perforation.

It is a versatile and durable food packaging material. Polyolefin is used as a substitute to polyvinyl chloride as packaging applications owing to its high tensile strength, clarity, and eco-friendly properties.


  • High quality raw material
  • Operational efficacy
  • Reasonable price

“Shrink Film Machines”

Hot Air Gun

We provide you Stanley 2000 watt Hot Air Gun which works perfectly for wrapping the shrink films for various purposes. It is a 2 Speed heat gun with variable heat control giving maximum control in all heat gun applications. Both hands can be free for soldering or bending operations.

Ergonomic handle design for comfortable use even over extended periods of time. Lock-on switch for continuous use applications. Standing facility allows using both hands for soldering or bending operations. Variable heat setting for material appropriate working and a large variety of applications. 

Specifications : 

  • Power : 2000 Watts
  • Heat Setting : Variable
  • Temperature : 50 – 450°C / 90 – 600°C Air Flow : 300 Lpm / 500 Lpm
  • Flow Control : 2 Stages (I/II) Cable Length : 3 m 

Shrink Tunnel

Shrink Tunnel can be used for several operations, like shrink labels, forming primary barrier on food items, as well as applying temper resistant seals.

This machine once installed works in consistent speed without any hassle and will require minimum maintenance. The shrink machine can be differentiated based on its model, tunnel size, voltage, power consumption, conveyor loading, heating furnace, external dimensions, speed, heating time, cooling time & net weight. 

Shrink Chamber

When you talk about perfect sealing, no other machine can compete with shrink chamber machine. It uses all types of shrink films on products, like hardware, food & beverage, medical and pharmacy products, cosmetics, electronic products etc.

This machine is used in sectors, such as Supermarket, Office, Monopolization shop, etc. It can be identified based on its technical specifications, like voltage, power, packaging speed, max packing dimensions, dimensions and weight.

Technical Specification : 

  • Voltage (V/Hz) : AC 220 /50
  • Power (Kw) : 
  • Packing Speed(Pcs/h) : 700 ~ 1000
  • Max Packing Dimensions (L XW X H) (mm) : 450 x 375 x 250
  • Dimensions (L XW X H) (mm) : 1945 x 795 x 1080
  • Weight (Kg) : 80

L Sealer

This manually operated machine used to seal a wide variety of films is simple, cost-effective and requires minimum maintenance. It has Powder Coated (M.S. TYPE) body, which makes it resistant from rust and corrosion. It is designed in a way to seal 300~500 pieces per hour. Our L sealer is built to last, and we assure its hygiene and easy cleaning and durability.

Technical Specification :

  • Voltage (V/Hz) : AC 220/50
  • Power (kw) : 1.0 
  • Packing speed (pcs/h) : 300~500
  • Max packaging dimension (LÃ : WÃ : H) (mm) : 500Ã : 375Ã : 250
  • Max sealing dimension (LÃ : W) (mm) : 500Ã : 375
  • Dimension (LÃ : WÃ : H) (mm) : 1945Ã : 795Ã : 1180
  • Net weight (kg) : 80 
  • Body : Powder Coated (M.S. TYPE)