Grip Seal

“Grip Seal”

Grip seal/Plastic seal is one time mould plastic security seal. It is an ideal solution to seal all kinds of small bags in the Mail room sector and logistic transport containers.

Consecutive numbering or bar coding enables easy recording of the seal number and streamlines logistical operations. Available in a range of plastic colors. Seal Embossed with company name and serial number.

Cost – effective solution for all applications requiring a variable length seal.


  • Tamper-resistant self-locking mechanism – No tools required
  • The seal can be removed with cutter/ blade
  • This low-cost one piece moulded seal is great for tagging purpose
  • The slim tail makes this seal easy to apply on various small applications
  • The enlarged ring on the end of the trail prevents reverse locking
  • One time use seal.


Polypropylene and other important plastic granules for softness, strength and marking quality.


  • Airlines cargo, Bank and postal services roll – cages
  • Clinical waste management, courier services
  • Cash-in-transit, warehouse, Bank Bags, Cash Box
  • Fire Extinguisher, medical care, dining car, logistical service
  • Valves voting box, tote-boxes and other applications requiring high pull strength


  • Tag (L*W):  25 X 50 mm
  • Width: 6.85 mm
  • Tail Length: Workable length 300 mm (approx)
  • Total Length: 350 mm

Customized options:

  • Customer’s Company name, logo, sequential numbers.
  • Bar Code, QR is available
  • Colour: White, Yellow, Orange, Green or customized colors.