Pet Straps & Accessories

“Pet Straps & Accessories

Pet Straps

PET Polyester Strap, is made up of environment safe “Polythene Terephthalate“ material or pet chips. Being an alternative of steel strap. these are used with manual strapping tool through clip sealing, pneumatic tool or battery operated pet strap sealing tool. 

PET STRAP advantages:

Cost Saving: PET strap can save about 50% cost compared with steel strap. 
Safety: PET strap has no sharp edges like steel strap. 
Environmental Protection: PET strap is a new type environmental-protection product and recyclable. 
Convenience: PET strap is lighter and no gloves needing when using. 
Logo Printing: PET Strapping strap can be printed with clients’ logo.

Pet Strap Clip

Metal clips are used for sealing PET straps. They come in different varieties like 12 for 12mm straps and 15 for 15mm straps etc.

  • These are tough and strong clips that hold the straps in place during movement.
  • There is a lot non-slip thorn inside the buckle, in order to increase the tension force of strap seal joint and ensure the goods safety.
  • All steel galvanized surface to prevent the buckle from rusting.
  • It is a new and eco-friendly product with good looks and high tensile force.

Pet Strap Machines

Manual Hand Tool Machines

For a packaging business that has less requirement of strapping, they can use the manual hand held tools for efficient strapping.

Lightweight & cost-effective tensioner with grease less bearing between base and crank. Also with ball bearing between base and leg.

Pneumatic Strapping Tools Machines

This tool is able to finish the step of tightening and welding in one machine. It is driven by air instead of manual operation.

For all your heavy duty strapping needs, this is the best choice. It has a comfortable design and is extremely user friendly so that a single person can use it with relative ease.

Battery Operated Tool Machines

Handheld Battery Powered Strapping Tool is suitable for the packing of the steel, timber, brick, fiber for its compact design and light weight that enables portability.

It is used for paper industry, aluminum industry, steel industry, wood, wooden packaging,chemical fiber,cotton,tobacco, chemicals, metal industry and so on.

Strapping Dispenser

These dispensers work easily as they have super bearing capacity. They improve the efficiency of our work. They have a large capacity toolbox design, convenient and practical to use. It has a deep design, with no drop, easy to take out. It has a wear resistant non slip rubber wheel which makes it more durable.

Product Description (PET/PP) : 

Core Size200 & 400 mm
Strap Width40 mm
Wheel Type6″ rubber w/steel center

Product Description (PET/Steel Strap) : 

TypePET/Steel Strap
Core Size400 mm
Strap Widthup to 32 mm
Wheel Type6″ rubber w/steel center