Bar Lock Seal

“Bar Lock Seal”

Anti-spin Model Wire Cable Seals are easy to handle and is flexible to be used for diversified purposes. These offer ideal sealing and securing solution for trailers, tankers, trucks, containers, rail-cars, keeper bars of the container, Wagons etc.

Product Details:

  • Complete security solutions
  • Standard execution consecutively numbered
  • Produced from high-grade steel and covered by HDPE Polymer Body and pin available in the variety of colors
  • Individual color and laser marking Logo and sequential numbering by Laser.


  • The locking mechanism is made with iron-zinc and covered with plastic ABS along with galvanized steel wire


  • Plug in locking mechanism, fixed locking length or adjustable length, pull-tight locking system.
  • Plastic ABS wrapped over metal insert locking
  • Weather resistant, withstands extremes of cold and heat
  • Molded with a high – impact ABS body and a galvanized steel wire cable. The high-resilient ABS material doesn’t break easily and is highly tamper-evident.
  • One end of the cable is permanently secured into the locking body. The other end is fastened with lock mechanism that provided quick and easy locking
  • One-time use seal
  • Specialized galvanized broken type wire used


Containers, Truck, Railroad Cars, Air Cargo Containers, Tankers, Wagons, Doors, Hatches, Carts, Food Carts, Trolleys and all kind of transportation etc.


  • Wire diameter: 3.0 mm
  • Wire Length : 40 Inch

Customized options:

  • Wire length can be customized
  • Customer name, logo, sequential numbers, bar code
  • Color : White, Yellow, Orange, Green or customized colors