Bag Closer Machines

“Bag Closer Machine”

BAG CLOSER is a single needle straight stitch industrial sewing machine for sewing light to medium-weight materials including cotton, knits, polyester, nylon, sheer fabrics and denim. It is available with & without pump lubrication model. It is easy to operate. It is suitable for closing bags of agricultural products, fertilisers, chemicals, flours cattle feed, sugar, rice and all kinds of bags used in industrial items etc. 

“Revo Bag Closer Machine”

Revo® DA is a single-thread chain-stitch portable filled bags closing sewing machine. This robust machine stands up to the most demanding sewing jobs on all types of paper, textile and poly bags made from HDPE/PP, etc. It is simple to operate, even for inexperienced users. The reinforced feed mechanism consisting of wider presser foot and feed dog with a bigger throat plate than conventional single thread chain-stitch bag closing machines helps achieve smoother, even and better looking plain and folded top closures.

“Revo Bag Closer (Double Thread)”

It is a twin-needle, double-thread, parallel chain-stitch, portable bag closing sewing machine. Its strong construction and design offers long life reliable performance requiring minimum maintenance.

“Nylon Thread”

Bag Closing Thread which is used to stitch the mouths of bags and sacks. These kind of threads are very durable and resistant to heat and abrasion. Moreover, we offer the threads at the leading market price which makes it more demanding in the industry. Usually, industries, where packaging is done in bulk amounts, required these types of threads for stitching their bags and sacks after loading the product.