Lead Seals

Lead Seals

 The Lead/Wire seal is a round lead seal product which is used in conjunction with any length of pre-cut or rolls of various wire types.

Sealing Wires

Lead Sealing Wire is required for any sealing application Sealing Press and Lead Seals. Sealing Wire is available on Spools – 250 gms. Application – Protection and Sealing of Counter Boxes money boxes, water meters, gas meters and electricity meters. 

Sealing Pliers

 Sealing pliers are required to clamp the lead seal to prevent slippage. The pliers can be used in conjunction with a customised die for a bespoke sealing solution. As standard they are supplied with a plain die for closure but personalised 3 alphanumeric character dies are available.

  • Option of plain or customised dies
  • Effective and easy closing of the UVLD 10mm Lead Seals