“Carton Stapler & Pins”

Manual Carton Stapler

A Manual Carton Stapler or Box Stapler is used for closing the tops of the boxes. Box staplers provide the most strongest reliable way to close a box and keep it closed while in transit. They also lend themselves in closure of heavy objects efficiently. Since this one can be used without electricity or compressed air.

It is useful for many industries :-

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Auto spares
  • Garment industry
  • Export houses
  • Breweries
  • Electronic and many more

Pneumatic Carton Stapler

A pneumatic box stapler is a type of carton stapler used for closing the tops of corrugated boxes. Operators of this type of box stapler will have increased productivity and higher production volumes when compared to those using manual versions. The Air Boxer is the most suitable machine when high speed and efficiency is required. The return of its anvils is automatic and it is possible to adjust the clinching of the staple as well as its penetration. Handy and light, the Air Boxer reduces to a minimum operator fatigue.

Pneumatic Coil Carton Stapler

This very durable tool is designed to staple corrugated cardboard for closing boxes. It combines light weight and balance to enable fast and efficient operation. This carton closer has separate adjustments for both depth of drive and tightness of clinch. These adjustments afford the ability to perform both blind and through clinching. A quick release prevents jams. Fits a coil of 1,000 wide crown staples, cutting down on reloading time.

Carton Stapler Pins

We provide our customers a wide range of Carton Staple Pin. These are made of high quality of basic material, which makes it rust proof for longer period. Carton staples or staples for top staplers are special staple pins with a crown. The main purpose is to close carton lids, especially filled cartons or corrugated board. 

Carton Staples Applications:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Corrugated fiberboard
  • Carton lids
  • Corrugated cartons and boxes