Cord Straps & Accessories

“Cord Straps & Accessories

Polyester Composite Straps

 Polyester cord strapping is the latest development in strapping technology. Manufactured from high tenacity polyester yarns embedded in a polymer coating,available in a wide variety of widths and strengths.

Polyester Composite Straps have the non slippery outer coating power that fixes to metal, wood, paper, glass, marble, stretch wrap, polythene and all other surface saving from any strap movement from the enormous jerks of in transit shipping.

  • High quality raw material
  • Heavy impact resistance
  • Good flexibility
  • High strength buckle
  • Resistant to abrasion, solvents, weathering, heat and water.
  • These are very light in weight and easily fold-able.
  • Prevents damage to cargo.
  • Cost effective / easy to recycle.
SizeBreak StrengthLength per RollRoll per Box
13mm200 kg1100 mtr.2 rolls
16mm425/550 kg850/700 mtr.2 rolls
19mm450 kg700 mtr.2 rolls
25mm790/950 kg500/450 mtr.2 rolls
32mm1600 kg300 mtr.2 rolls

Cord Strap Buckle

It is the ideal packing buckle that provides the biggest and most efficient pulling force in the market. It has the characteristics of strong pulling force, easy to use, simple operation and extensive use. It is made of high quality steel wire, through the galvanized surface treatment, it has a strong tensile strength, make the packing process easier. Transport companies use the strap buckle for completing their tasks.

Characteristics : 

  • Very fine finish helps in strong grip
  • Most consistent closure method in the industry
  • Self locking system
  • Manufactured from high quality steel wire
  • The galvanized wire buckles are protected from corrosion, sea water and other climatic threats.



Giant Heavy Duty Aluminium

Tensioner with Flat Gripper For Size: 25 mm to 48 mm



For Size: 19 mm Composite Strap



For Size: 12 mm / 15 mm Composite Strap