Manual Hand Tools

“Manual Hand Tools”

Tensioner UT-23

This manual strapping tool is the excellent choice for businesses that want to grow their business by dividing the manpower towards the main production line. The manual strapping machine is light in weight, yet has a long life and easy to use.

Product Description (YBICO)

FeatureTensioner with Oil bearings in handle & base
TypePP / Pet Strap /Composite Strap
Sizes Up to 19 mmA A  ThicknessA A  : 0.80 mm max
Brands YBICO / PackRight

Tensioner UT- 22

The Tensioner UT-22 is a manual strapping tool mostly used in heavy duty strapping. It is a modern heavy duty tensioner with oil-less bearings in handle and base. Oil-less bearings are lubricated for a lifetime and as such are maintenance free.

Product Description:

FeatureTensioner with Oil-less bearings in handle & bearings in the base.
TypePP / Pet Strap /Composite Strap
SizesUp to 25 mm  Thickness: 0.80 mm max

Sealer UT-24 (Off-Set Type)

This type of strapping sealer has the best quality long handle that provides excellent grip while being use. The strap sealer can be used to seal PET straps having widths 12mm to 19mm. The sealer is used in combination with Manual strapping devices to achieve superior levels of packaging.

Product Description:

  • High quality long handle (17″) PET strapping sealer
  • UT-24 (A) for 12mm PET straps. use with GP 12 gripper seals
  • UT-24 (B) for 15mm PET straps. Use with GP 12 gripper seals
  • UT-24 (C) for 19mm Pet straps thickness from 0.8 mm up
  • Make:- YBICO/PackRight

Sealer UT-25

The strap sealers UT-25 (A) and UT-25 (B) are for 12mm and 15mm straps respectively. The tool is made from high-quality heat treated metal parts that increase the operational life of the sealer. The PET strap sealer is equipped with a long handle to make it easy to operate.

Product Description:

  • Long handle(17″) labour saving PP strapping sealer
  • All metal parts are heat – treated
  • UT-25 (A) for 12mm straps
  • UT-25 (B) for 15mm straps
  • Make : PackRight