Teflon Tapes

“Teflon Tapes”

Teflon tapes (heat sealing tapes) are supplied self-wound or with a yellow peel off release liner. Our pressure sensitive tapes are supplied with silicone high temperature adhesive. The main application of the . Teflon  tape is to assist with plastic bag sealing. Teflon  Tapes are most frequently used in heat sealing applications within the packaging industry for covering the sealing jaws in packaging machines.

Applications :

Impulse Sealers
Form and Fill Sealers
L Bar Sealers
Side Sealers
Blister Packs

Other applications include lining chutes, guide rails and everywhere you require a highly slippery surface. Our Yellow Linered Teflon Tape makes it easy when you come to applying the tape as it can be cut to size or different lengths before being applied, & passed to different people going to different areas of your factory.