Revo Bag Closer (Double Thread)

“Revo Bag Closer (Double Thread)”

Features and Benefits:

  • Enhanced feed mechanism: Wide presser foot and feed dog with a bigger throat lead to a positive feed for smooth her, even and better looking plain and folded top double chain-stitch closures.
  • Parallel chain stitch: Secures the bag with a parallel chain stitch closure.
  • Trouble-free continuous operation: Closes bags at ease on the bagging line or in the field.
  • Sturdy construction: Enables it to handle heaviest of workload in an industrial or agricultural environment.
  • Superior powerful lubricator: Lubrication system consists of an oil pump and a reservoir. Oil lines from the pump direct the lubricant to the main moving parts.
  • Quiet operation: High-grade, wear-resistant nylon cam ensures minimum noise level in comparison to loud noise experienced in machines with steel cams during operation.